Frequently Asked Business Questions

Through targeted IT solutions combined with powerful data insights we enable you to become more agile in your business decisions and corporate performance. Below are some common questions a company may have in assessing the capacity and capability of its IT department. The answer to each question will be different for each Company based on industry, economic climate and business strategy. We partner with you to design an integrated and holistic IT solution that best meets your current and future needs.

1. How will your Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System and/or Technical Infrastructure enable future business growth and adapt to changes in the market?

a. Fit/gap analysis

2. Is your IT department expertise aligned with your Business needs?

a. IT Enterprise Organization development and planning
b. Outsource strategies for specialized expertise and skills

3. Do you have visibility into your business performance and early warning systems in place to provide you a daily pulse of your business?

a. BI Reporting and Dashboards
b. How do you monitor your performance with on-time delivery to your customers?
c. When do you know you have a quality or customer service problem?
d. How do you measure the effectiveness and efficiency of your customer service department?
e. Do you know how timely and satisfactorily issues are resolved?

4. Do users have direct access to business data to analyze, monitor and manage all aspects of your business without asking IT?

a. For example, can you capture and analyze actual costs (Labor, Overhead, Material) at the SKU level without a spreadsheet?
b. Do you have daily or real time access to your Inventory Turns?

5. Do you receive company financials within the first few business days of each month or more than a week? How does this impact your ability to quickly adjust and make changes in your business?

6. How are your Vendors performing, are you receiving optimal results for the cost?




Business Applications

Markor provides objective, independent evaluations of vendors and software solutions. Markor is not a licensed reseller or agent of any third party software systems. We provide recommendations based on the best fit solutions. Below is a listing of recent systems we have implemented for clients.






bLoyal Multi-Level Loyalty Solution